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Improve K-6 Reading Performance with Online Practice

Complement your K-6 instruction with fun and purposeful reading practice that students can do from any computer with internet access. Ticket to Read® is a self-paced, student-centered online reading program for students in grades K–6 that provides extended practice to improve reading performance.

Ticket to Read provides a comprehensive suite of literacy activities. As students complete tasks in the areas of foundational skills (phonics and word attack), fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, they earn points that can be used to decorate their personal clubhouse. Key features include:

  • Content displayed in an easy-to-navigate interface
  • Interactive activities supported by audio and animation
  • Support for English language learners
  • Hundreds of high-interest reading passages and games
  • Entry points based on students’ reading levels
  • Automated quizzes and self-correcting guidance
  • Motivating rewards system to keep students engaged and on task
Ticket to Read on iPad

Voyager Sopris Learning is pleased to announce the release of the complimentary Ticket to Read® app, which is now available to all Ticket to Read users in the iTunes® App Store from Apple®. With the new Ticket to Read® app, students can access the award-winning Ticket to Read fluency and comprehension activities straight from their iPads®.

“We believe that technology can enhance student learning in and beyond the classroom. We are committed to providing effective and engaging digital tools to support instruction, practice, and progress monitoring. We are pleased to release the mobile version of Ticket to Read—expanding access to quality literacy practice to students wherever they are.”

–George Logue, President, Voyager Sopris Learning

Research-based, Independently Validated

Ticket to Read is based on research relating to the 'repeated readingprocedure which has emerged as a powerful way to develop automatic decoding with unskilled readers. You'll want to read the research behind this online extended skill learning and practice program proven effective in schools across the country.

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Ticket to Read App

Ticket to Read App
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Ticket to Read supports the Common Core State Standards
Ticket to Read is an EDDIE Awards Winner!