Read Well

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K-2 Overview

All Students Can Read Well

Read Well is an innovative K-3 reading and language arts solution that helps students build the critical skills needed to be successful readers and learners. The research-based program allows teachers to effectively target students at all stages of development. Through a blended approach of whole-class instruction, differentiation small-group instruction, motivating technology, and individual student practice, teachers have the flexibility they need to meet students at their skill levels and adapt instruction accordingly. Read Well meets the challenges of the CCSS - along with the needs of each child.

Read Well

  • Builds close readers
  • Develop proficient writers
  • Provides multiple entry points for appropriate student placement
  • Incorporates an innovative blend of small-group peer collaboration and whole-class instruction
  • Teaches comprehension in an explicit and systematic way
  • Offers comprehensive training and implementation support

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Read Well Spelling and Writing